Solutions for a fossil free future

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Sustainable ethanol, DDGS and Carbon dioxide

Lantmännen Agroetanol is Sweden's largest ethanol producer. We offer attractive, viable and sustainable protein and ethanol products produced in a responsible way. Our establishment is part of the acclaimed bio-energy combine in Norrköping and we have the capacity to produce 230,000 cubic meters of ethanol per year. Of the parts of the raw material that do not become ethanol we produce protein-rich animal feed and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide i sold as carbonic acid. Resource utilization in the manufacturing process allows us to offer among the worlds most sustainable biofuels with a carbon dioxide reduction up to 90 percent. Taking advantage of all the process streams are often called to optimize resource utilization. We call it common sense. Agroetanol is owned by Lantmännen as part of the Energy division.

Vision: We are a leader in sustainable solutions and a major player in the transition towards a a sustainable society.

Mission: is based on grain creating attractive, profitable and sustainable protein and ethanol products. We preserve farmland resources in our region and invest heavily in resource utilization in the production process with a greater positive environmental as a result. In this way, we create sustainable customer benefits and is the natural choice for customers in northern Europe.

The production facility in Norrköping started up in January 2001. In November 2008, a second production line was started and the capacity today is about 230 000 m3 of ethanol and 200,000 tons of protein feed (DDGS). The production is based on 600 thousand tons of grain. We also deliver growing volumes of Advanced Biofuels produced from second generation raw materials such as waste and residues from the food industry. 

Our ethanol production is sold for use in low-level blends in gasoline and for the high-blend products E85 and ED95. Our feed products are mainly used as protein raw material in feed mills.