We are part of the unique Eco-Industrial Park outside Norrköping. The principle here is that the waste products of one company become the raw materials of another. Everything is based on green energy and the eyes of the world are upon us!

As part of Norrköping's unique bio-energy cluster, we create added value together with our neighbours. Steam, which is needed in the distillery and feed drier, is generated from biofuel and comes from the combined heating and power plant adjacent to the factory. Cogeneration plant is operated by e.on and it takes care of most of the Norrköping waste. The waste is burned and returned to the town as heat and electricity. Taking steam for process energy is a prerequisite for the CHP plant to produce electricity – we live in symbiosis.

Those elements of our raw material not turned into biofuels are used as a protein-rich animal feed, and the carbon dioxide formed during the manufacturing process is sent to the Norlic CO2 plant that makes it into carbonic acid for resale the food industry.

The eco-industrial park is also home to Swedish Biogas’ plant. This is where the last small leftovers from Lantmännen Agroetanol’s process becomes biogas for the automotive industry as well as fertiliser for nearby fields.

There is still untapped potential in our bio-cluster. We want to link up with more businesses/industries that can benefit from those flows of residues produced here.