Environmental policy

We contribute with our business concept: Creating attractive, profitable and sustainable protein and ethanol products using cereals. We use local agricultural resources and invest heavily in production processes with a major positive environmental impact as a result. In this way we create climate-smart customer value and are the natural choice for customers in Northern Europe. Our involvement and influence shall be aimed at increasing the proportion of biofuel in as sustainable and environmentally sound a manner as possible. Sustainable development and making allowances for the environment permeates the whole business.

We have accepted responsibility for the following:

  • To improve our environmental work constantly. This is achieved by working towards specified environmental targets, which are set on the basis of what is technically possible, economically feasible and environmentally motivated.
  • By some margin, to fulfil the prevailing requirements on health protection, environmental legislation and other factors, and to reduce the volume of waste and emissions.
  • To collaborate with the public authorities, organisations and universities to ensure a high level of expertise in order to be able to take environmental issues into account in decision-making
  • To inform and communicate our environmental work

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