Visit: Hanholmsvägen 69, Norrköping 

Mail: Box 932, 601 19 Norrköping 

Phone sb: +46 10 556 01 50 

Find us: Agroetanol is situated at Händelö in Norrköping, Sweden. 


Please contact our sales representatives for each business area.

Please contact our logistics department regarding anything about transportation.

Jana Thomas
Logistics - ethanol 
+46 10 5561486

Sofia Harrysson
Logistics - feed 
+46 10 5562134

Svan Kristinsson
Coordinator central reception 
+46 10-5561448

Finance department / invoice inquieries

Anna-Karin Hjärtström
Mgr accounting & Backoffice

Invoice address 

Invoices must have the following address in order to be paid due to our invoice scanning system:

Lantmännen Agroetanol AB
Facknummer 950758
R 059
106 54 Stockholm, Sweden

Management Lantmännen Agroetanol

Managing Director
Lars-Gunnar Edh 

Business manager 
Martin Engström

Finance manager 
Karin Palm

Business development
Andreas Gundberg

HR manager
Tobias Hermansson

Mgr Quality, Environment & Safety
Sandra Halldin

Jens Lamberth

Production manager
Peter Nimrodsson

Contact Lantmännen

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