We drive development for the green revolution

Lantmännen Agroetanol is very active and a driving force for the rapid development of the Green Revolution. We are a leader in the field, and work consistently with other bodies in several areas of research, including the business community, universities and colleges. Ultimately, techniques will be refined and prices will drop, enabling us to work with other raw materials and to be able to produce other products from our ethanol and our protein. Bio-based plastics and various bio-based chemicals to replace fossil oil-based products are some examples. One thing we know for sure – Green will soon replace black!

Circular economy for real

Waste and residues appear in many parts of society and this is also true within the Lantmännen group - dow and bread residues for instance. At Agroetanol we give this waste new life as ethanol,...

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Agro Cleanpower ED95

90% CO2 reduction makes Agro Cleanpower ED95 one of the world's most sustainable fuels! Produced from local ingredients in Norrköping, Sweden. Read more about ED95

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Plastics made from bio-ethanol instead of oil. Coming soon.

We are at the forefront when it comes to phasing out fossil-based raw materials. There are many applications in which ethanol can replace oil in plastics!

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Job vacancies

We continuously seek talented employees for Agroetanol. Learn more about available services and what working at Lantmännen is like.

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Tasty, climate-friendly protein – we have already received recognition!

In 2016, we tested a new fungal protein which we believe has a lot of potential. We have received a grant from Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova, to develop a complete food.

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For inquiries and business opportunities regarding our innvations please contact our Innovation Manager.