Fermentation breaks all good things down into three parts

Fermentation is a very old technique. In our case we add the yeast to the grain (or other material) mixed with malt and water. The process takes about two days to form ethanol and carbon dioxide. The starch in the raw material is what is transformed into these two components. The first product is thus Ethanol, representing about one-third. Carbon dioxide is also about one-third, which we collect, liquify and turn into carbonic acid. The final third is the protein and fibres from the raw material that the yeast can't break down, known as "destillers’ dried grains and solubles". We produce a high-grade protein feed for livestock, mainly cattle and pigs, from the destillers’ dried grains and solubles.

Ethanol - more than a fuel

Agroetanol has capacity for 230 000 m3 ethanol annualy. Part of it becomes biofuel and some of this volume is used in other applications such as windscreen washer fluid.

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Protein feed that replaces imported soy

Locally produced protein feed that replaces imported soy is climate friendly!

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Carbon dioxide from nature’s own cycle becomes green carbonic acid

The carbon dioxide released in our fermentation process is part of nature's own cycle. We capture it and make use of it as green carbonic acid!

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Research and innovation for a greener future

Lantmännen Agroetanol is very active and a driving force for the rapid development of the Green Revolution. We are a leader in the field, and work consistently with other bodies in several areas of research, including the business community, universities and colleges.

Ultimately, techniques will be refined and prices will drop, enabling us to work with other raw materials and to be able to produce other products from our ethanol and our protein. Bio-based plastics and various bio-based chemicals to replace fossil oil-based products are some examples. One thing we know for sure – Green will soon replace black!

Plastics made from bio-ethanol instead of oil. Coming soon.

We are at the forefront when it comes to phasing out fossil-based raw materials. There are many applications in which ethanol can replace oil in plastics!

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Tasty, climate-friendly protein – we have already received recognition!

In 2016, we tested a new fungal protein which we believe has a lot of potential. We have received a grant from Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova, to develop a complete food.

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