Our ethanol has world-class climate performance

Our ethanol has perhaps the world's best climate performance. We can produce grain-based and waste product-based ethanol (known as 2G ethanol) from our plant. We have developed and refined our manufacturing process over the years, and are well-placed at a time when climate change has become one of the biggest issues. Our goal is clear – to contribute to a greener world in which bio-based products replace fossils, regardless of whether as a fuel or a technical application.

Agro Cleanpower ED95

90% CO2 reduction makes Agro Cleanpower ED95 one of the world's most sustainable fuels! Produced from local ingredients in Norrköping, Sweden. Read more about ED95

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Agro Cleanpower E85

Using E85 instead of petrol is by far the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint – up to 70% carbon dioxide reduction with Agro Cleanpower E85!

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E100 for lowblend

Almost all petrol sold in Sweden now has 5% ethanol added. This adds a green component to fossil fuels already, and new policies mean the ratio will become even higher.

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Agro Cleanpower ED95 for sustainable goods transport

Lantmännen Agroetanol is very active and a driving force for the rapid development of the Green Revolution. For heavy transports we can today offer a biofuel - Agro Cleanpower ED95 -  a highly sustainable biofuel that makes a clear difference. ED95 is a well proven fuel for both city buses and heavy trucks. With the past years debate regarding NOx and particles emissions from diesel, alternatives like ED95 based on ethanol will benefit.