Agro Cleanpower ED95 for sustainable goods transport

The transport sector of the future will be fossil free – that’s something we are agreed upon in Sweden. To fulfil that goal, smarter transportation and more efficient vehicles are needed. But above all, new fuels to replace petrol and diesel. It's not just about reducing carbon emissions - reducing nitrogen and particle emissions have become just as important, especially in city envrionments. Some cities have already introduced restrictions and fees for diesel cars and this development continues. More cities to come will follow and in this context ethanol fuels will come to play an important roll!

There are many biofuels on the market already, and more are on the way. All are fossil-free, all 100% renewable. But that’s not enough. The overall environmental impact is determined by the whole process, from raw material to filling your tank. Agro Cleanpower is a fuel for adapted diesel engines with less environmental impact than any other biofuel on the Swedish market. The difference is not just in what we do. But how we do it.

90 % CO2-reduction*

95 % ethanol

100 % Swedish

* < 90% CO2 reduction varies over time, depending on the raw material/commodity mix and production conditions. For more details, contact Business Manager Martin Eaton or Sales Executive Jan-Erik Andersson.

Raw materials

The raw material for Agro Cleanpower 95 comes from our owners, Swedish farmers. We process wheat and other cereals for the production of high-quality ethanol – thus contributing to responsible agriculture and living countryside.
Why export our agricultural surpluses and import ethanol, when we have the resources right here? In addition, we manufacture part of our ethanol from waste products from the food industry, making us even more eco-efficient.


With production plant in Norrköping and warehouse in Gävle, we are always close to our customers. We supply Agro Cleanpower 95 as a ready-to-use fuel to bus operators and truck haulage companies.

Thanks to large-scale manufacturing and efficient distribution, we can help our customers to start working for a fossil-free transportation sector today. Because as everyone knows – you can’t fill your tank merely with visions of the future.