Our refining process converts the starch portion of grain into ethanol. We separate the protein into destillers’ dried grains and solubles, which is used to produce feed, mainly for cattle. That means that we cycle back some of the raw material back to Swedish farms. "Destillers’ dried grains and solubles" can be treated in various ways, but most of it is dried and then pelleted. This is then mixed with other components to a complete animal feed. Our protein feed has a high protein content, is GMO-free, has high climate performance and the raw materials are locally produced, avoiding the need for imports from far-away countries such as soy. Our feed products go under the common name of Agrow Feed.

A product portfolio in development

We are constantly developing new feeds, and have a growing portfolio of products for different sectors. In addition to feed for cattle, we also develop completely new products targeted at sectors such as fish and poultry. We have patented technologies where we are working with new and innovative products using locally produced protein. We are constantly working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially within feed products and the food industry.