Agrow Feed 90

Our standard product for cattle. Dri

ed destillers’ dried grains and solubles with 90% solids

Our main product is Agrow Feed™ 90, a fermented and concentrated form of cereals and food residues. A tasty protein feed with prebiotic properties containing 30-35% protein depending on seasonal variations. The product is dried and pelleted (6 mm).

Experience has shown that Agrow Feed™ 90 is mainly used for cattle. The strength of Agrow Feed™ 90 lies in its feed efficiency (kg ECM per kg feed), which makes Agrow Feed™ 90 an interesting element of the feed rations for high performance cows. The product can replace 25% of total feed rations, making it a cost-effective raw material able to contribute to an improved overall economy in a sustainable way. Raw protein and fibre provide a palatable animal feed ingredient.

Because of its low sugar and starch content, Agrow Feed™ 90 can be added to feed rations with a lot of grain without jeopardising the rumen environment.

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