Carbon dioxide from nature’s own cycle becomes green carbonic acid

Fermentation to produce ethanol also releases carbon dioxide. 600,000 tonnes of grain annually fermented in our refinery releases a lot of carbon dioxide. Because carbon dioxide is part of the natural cycle, nothing is added to atmosphere. In our case, however, we collect it and deliver it directly via pipes to our next door neighbour, AGA-Linde, who liquify it into carbonic acid. In this way, we are not only the largest producer of ethanol and protein animal feed, but also the largest supplier of green CO2/carbonic acid! That’s enough bubbles to fill every carbonated beverage sold throughout the country!

Carbonic acid for foods

Our carbon dioxide is used in the food industry, not least as carbonic acid in drinks. 

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Industrial applications

Carbonic acid is also common as a refrigerant in transportation and industry. Replacing all fossil carbon dioxide currently in use with clean, green carbonic acid is an important part of the...

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